Lawn Memorials

16001 - A traditional Ogee shaped headstone with a sandblast and painted crucifix scene. The night sky is inset with crystals.

16002 - Ogee headstone with a sandblast and painted rural scene in silhouette.

16003 - Ogee headstone with a sandblast and painted romantic silhouette scene.

16004 - An oval top headstone with a sandblast and painted golf silhouette scene.

16005 - An Oval headstone with a shadow punched and painted depiction of The Last Supper.

16006 - This Peon shaped headstone has a sandblast rose design and a serif cross.

16007 - An alternate design showing a tapered cross.

16008 - The inset stained glass panel offers a beautiful alternative to the traditional sandblast design.

16009 - An alternative shape headstone and stained glass image. One of the many options available.

16010 - This headstone offers a new interpretation of the classic sandblast church window design.

16011 - This monochrome image of Jesus is one of many laser etched designs available.

16012 - An alternative to traditional sandblast techniques is the use of hand-painted resin images.

16013 - A traditional 'Ogee' top headstone with a sandblasted and painted lily design.

16014 - Another example of a sandblasted and painted design.

16015 - Headstone colours can provide interest and personalisation without the need for designs or ornamentation.

16016 - This unusual granite colour is an interesting alternative to the traditional headstone colours.

16017 - A distinctive coloured granite, shown here with raised bronze letters.

16018 - A double border frames the polished surface and the sandblasted rose designs add to the classic look of this memorial.

16019 - The rose designs on this headstone are inlaid with 23.5 ct gold leaf.

16020 - Reverse sandblasting is another method of ornamentation. The rose design on this memorial is one of many images available.

16021 - A blasted scroll design provides a wonderful frame for the inscription.

16023 - A stylised and effective design with painted roses and an integral arch design.

16024 - The addition of moulded edges on the headstone and base create a classic looking headstone.

16025 - A stop-moulded edge creates a stylish look to the headstone.

16026 - A stop-moulded edge creates a stylish look to the headstone.

16027 - An alternative edge is the elegant rope moulding.

16028 - An alternative edge is the elegant rope moulding.

16029 - The 'Rose and Cross' design is inlaid with Gold Leaf. The headstone is off-set to the left edge of the base with a 7 inch square vase block completing the design.

16030 - A 'Round' top headstone with a laser etched and highlighted dove design.

16031 - The Ogee with rounded shoulders which are echoed by the base's rounded front corners.

16032 - A 'Deep Ogee' headstone with a beautifully carved dove.

16034 - A 'Half Ogee' headstone with a CNC carved and painted rose design.

16035 - An 'Offset Peon' headstone with a sand blasted monotone rose design.

16036 - Similar to the CC 033 with a stop-faded double border and an alternate sand-blasted rose design.

16037 - The scotia corners of this headstone are mirrored in the base to create a simple but effective design.

16038 - The rebated sides on this headstone are reminiscent of the Art Deco style. The carved flowers add aesthetic appeal.

16039 - The base of this memorial is shaped to match the headstone.

16040 - An ornate topped headstone. The pin line accentuates this classic shape and is further enhanced by the bow front base.

16041 - The addition of chamfered edges adds another dimension to this headstone. It also features a stylish shadow punched Angel design.

16042 - A contemporary headstone featuring a tapered pin line design with a hand painted trio of lilies. The centre splayed base is bored for two vases.

16043 - The headstone is framed by a gold pin line which makes a feature of the flower vase.

16044 - One our of many flower designs available is this beautifully hand painted lily.

16045 - A matching shape to this Headstone and base.

16046 - A matching shape to this Headstone and base.

16047 - A contemporary take on the traditional Ogee shape, featuring a hand painted scene (bespoke scenes welcome). With a centre splayed base and two vases.

16048 - This sculpted flowing design provides an ultra-modern addition to The Cotswold Collection.

16049 - The carved roses flank the central polished heart, an ideal space for adding a personal motif or design.

16050 - A laser etched rose design is complemented by pitched edges to the headstone & base.

16051 - The deep CNC carved rose design is the highlight of this memorial. The inset image shows the carving together with a resin moulded alternative.

16052 - Painted resin ornamentation adds to the memorial.

16053 - A bronze ornament to the headstone with a stopped splay base providing additional room for lettering.

16054 - Bronze roses shown on this interesting headstone. The base is shaped to compliment the headstone.

16055 - A classic design featuring bronze praying hands. Alternative ornaments are available, some of which are shown to the right of this image.

16056 - A hand carved and highlighted rose contrasts the natural pitched edges of the headstone.

16057 - The pitched edges and margins together with the carved roses frame the polished face of the headstone.

16058 - A pitched edge headstone with sandblasted Celtic Cross and Knot design. Pitched base.

16059 - An Ogee shaped headstone with carved cross and roses. Pitched edges to the sides and base.

16060 - The carved and painted daffodils create a contrast to the rustic headstone and base.

16061 - The natural pitched edges follow the contours of the check shoulders. The headstone shape is similarly reflected in the design of the base.

16062 - The tapered headstone and pitched edges create a memorial reminiscent of a traditional Boulder.

16063 - The large Celtic Cross is carved into the polished face of this pitched edge memorial.

16064 - A half round headstone with pitched sides and margins around the polished face.

16065 - This contemporary shaped headstone has a pierced heart within which sits a painted resin dove. A deep carved rose adds a further dimension to this unique memorial.

16066 - A gothic shaped headstone with a deep carved and highlighted rose design.

16067 - The hand carved depiction of 'Our Lady' is formed from this rustic style headstone.

16068 - The beautiful Madonna and Child figure is the epitome of the stonemason's art.

16069 - The mourning Angel is fully carved into the rounded headstone.

16070 - This circular polished headstone is flanked by two fully carved Angels to create an outstanding example of masonry art.

16071 - A traditional Celtic Wheel Cross creates an imposing headstone.

16072 - An engaging headstone and kerb set with two hand carved Angels standing either side of a polished scroll.

16073 - A truly unique headstone with a dramatic combination of shape, carving and colour.

16116 - A trefoil shaped headstone with rounded shoulders, rectangular base and square vase

16117 - This headstone has been inspired by Gothic architecture

16118 - A round top headstone that has been carved to incorporate a cross effect

16119 - This Ogee shaped headstone has been enhanced by check shoulders and a carved floral design

16120 - The splay shoulders on this headstone are outlined by a dark pin line and central cross

16121 - A shallow Peon shaped headstone with stop moulded edges creates a simple but effective design

16122 - A Round top headstone that has been elevated by the innovative design and inscription to something that is unique

16123 - A pitched margin headstone is complemented by the matching base

16124 - This beautiful headstone is carved with a cross & rose design

16125 - A truly stunning headstone that is the epitome of masonry art

16126 - A large impressive headstone with two beautifully carved Angels

16127 - This deep Ogee headstone features a carved dove, which is created using modern CNC techniques

16128 - A carved floral spray in a recessed panel compliments the shape of this memorial

16129 - This Gothic shape frames the carving, which is one of many available

16131 - The traditional 'Ogee' shaped headstone is enhanced by the beautifully carved rose design

16132 - This attractively hand carved panel flows the shape of the headstone

16134 - A bronze figure/couple taking the implied journey to Heaven. A white marble moon completes this highly symbolic memorial

16135 - The 'Crossing' memorial shows a couple embracing on a bridge between two worlds

16136 - A pierced Venetian archway and tapered splay base, frames the bronze bridge and figures

16137 - The 'Crossing' design is developed here by the addition of a carved waterfall

16138 - An impressive memorial that uses classical design and contrasting granite colours to great effect

16139 - An impressive memorial that uses classical design and contrasting granite colours to great effect

16140 - This headstone can be enhanced with an etched and painted design to capture the iridescence of the butterfly's wings or left as a simple silhouette.

16141 - This headstone can be enhanced with an etched and painted design to capture the iridescence of the butterfly's wings or left as a simple silhouette.

16142 - This headstone can be enhanced with an etched and painted design to capture the iridescence of the butterfly's wings or left as a simple silhouette.

16143 - An exceptional example of how fine carving, etching and painting can create a unique and personal memorial

16144 - The 'Gates of Heaven' are becoming an increasingly popular memorial choice. Illustrated with sandblasted and painted designs

16145 - This 'Wing Set' memorial incorporates a centre panel which provides additional space for inscription or ornamentation

16146 - This temple style memorial features fully turned columns and canopy top

16147 - This classic Ogee shaped headstone is enhanced by the carved keyboard on the base creating an imaginative and personalised tribute

16148 - These twin columns have an Ogee shaped recess above which is a painted sandblast design. A bronze ornament is optional

16149 - Illustrated here with one of many painted designs that are available

16150 - A Middle Eastern inspired headstone

16151 - The two hearts on this headstone are typically used for initials or small designs

16152 - Personalising memorials is becoming increasingly popular. This fully carved football shirt design can be altered to reflect the team of your choice

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