16074 - A classic Ogee shaped headstone and kerb memorial. The corner posts can be bored for flower containers as illustrated.

16075 - The classic 'Ogee' shown here with the addition of a painted resin rose ornament.

16077 - An Ogee shaped kerb memorial with polished rope effect mouldings around the headstone and kerbs.

16078 - This memorial is characterised by its unusually shaped headstone shown here with Scroll & Rose motif.

16079 - Inspired by traditional designs, the headstone shape is mirrored in the kerb foot posts.

16080 - A 'Peon' shaped headstone with 'Barley Twist' columns and kerb mouldings. A design which refers back to The Temple of Solomon and signifies 'Wisdom'. This memorial is finished with ball top posts at the foot of the kerbs.

16081 - A book memorial with carved cord and tassel sits on a base which can be bored for flower containers.

16082 - One of our most ornate memorials featuring carved Angels on the headstone and the accompanying vase. The roll-top kerbs lead to two posts that can be bored for flower containers.

16083 - The hand carved figures of 'Mary and Joseph' holding a polished heart headstone create the basis of this unique memorial. The usual foot kerb is replaced with a desk table that can be used for additional inscriptions.

16084 - This beautiful memorial which features a hand carved Angel with outspread wings and a scroll tablet for inscription.

16085 - The 'Doorway to Heaven' headstone with central stained glass panel are the focus of this impressive memorial. The steps and winding path along the length of the kerbs lead to the gates.

16086 - A memorial with visual impact. The delightful combination of shape, colour and carving creates an individual 'stand-out' memorial.

16087 - The natural pitched edges of the headstone follow the contours of the check shoulders. The pitched edges are continued along the kerbs.

16088 - A 'Gothic' style memorial with stop chamfers and a deep carved design finishes the memorial.

16089 - The Round top headstone is adorned with carved flowers. The headstone shape is reflected in the tiered cover slab and vase.

16090 - The heart shaped headstone is mirrored in the curved kerb set and small heart shaped foot plate.

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